Things out of place

Kids and potty humor.

Blind man waiting

i knew a man who was blind in one eye and would often loose sight in the other. At times I would see him sitting on the ground waiting to regain sight. I've wondered how long he waited or how he knew that sight would return at all.


The Venus of Milkendorf has been woken! After sleeping for 24,000 years, she has accumulated enough milk to feed all the hungry babies of the world. Unfortunately the milk is sour.

monster in the barn

This came to mind after telling a bedtime story to the kids. I don't know how much longer they will believe my stories, but they seem to enjoy them for now.

Pregnant Woman 4

Everyone Sleeping.

Pregnant Woman 3

Everyone sleeping.

At the monkey bars

At the monkey bars with the kids.
There was something interesting about this view,
quiet and flat, that gave my mind a bit of rest.

Pregnant Woman

Thinking about how a woman experiences
the creation of new human.

The last sketches of 2009.

These were done during
Christmas break while visiting family in LA.

This image is called Responsibilities after death. I was thinking about how impermanent we really are.
Here we go starting something new, at least new to me, because while the world has been blogging away I've been stuck in a cave listening to cassettes and watching VHS tapes.